How To Manage Your Time Online

by bbilly on December 26, 2011

stopwatch You’re still on winter break, so the thought of managing your time is probably far from your mind. It’s break time and that means there’s more time for Facebooking, reading the best vegan food blog, tweeting, internet dating… etc. etc. etc. You have the spare time, so why wouldn’t you spend it fooling around on the interwebs?

We’re not here to nag at you or tell you to get it together. There’s just something to be said about developing good habits before you enter a busy time in your life. So, we’re not urging you to take advantage of the calm before the storm, but we’re here to spread some ideas about online time management in case it happens to be one of those things on your new year resolution list.

According to the Princeton Review, most college students want to spend less time online. Spending less time online doesn’t mean that you have to give up your Facebook account or stop reading blogs (please don’t).

1. Set Online Goals

Make sure you have an intention for going online. It may be helpful to write out the reasons you’re getting on the web before you log on to your computer. If you have to pay an electric bill, look up some information on scholarships, see if that dude you met last night added you on Facebook, write it down. Then check them off as soon as you get them done. If you log on to Facebook and you don’t see any little red bubbles, check it off your list and shut the window. If you think of something else you wanted to do on Facebook, write it down and save it for your next session.

2. Set a Time Limit

Give yourself a daily time limit. Three half hour sessions should give you more than enough time to get everything done that you could ever want to accomplish.

3. Set a Timer

If you’re going with half hour sessions, set an actual timer for that period. It’s easier to keep track of time if you use something that makes noise. Onlineclock is noisy and you can change the colors to make it pretty.

4. Set a Date for Interweb Indulgence 

You don’t want to miss out on the newest internet crazes and you love reading your favorite blogs (like UniHacks). This is totally understandable. Give yourself a super free hour, one day per week. Click away. Go click crazy. Stalk to your hearts content. But do it Sunday at 9 p.m. Just set your timer and have a good time with your free reign.



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