How-To Stay Up As Late As Humanly Possible

by bbilly on January 15, 2012


Train the dog to turn the light on every time you turn it off.

You’ve got a paper to finish and it’s due at 7 a.m. You’re studying for your first exam in one of your 102 classes. You’ve got a huge project to complete and time is ticking. Whatever it is, you’ve got something due soon and you’ve spent the last few days making out with that cute dude who transferred dorms this semester.

So, yeah, you have two options. You can snooze and loose or you can pull the ultimate all nighter, get your stuff done, and maybe you’ll even have time to sneak off and kick it with new dorm dude.

You can always chug down a couple of energy drinks and let your jittery, crazy brain try to soak as much in and pump as much out as possible, but you’re probably going to end up crashing and burning.

There are a couple of things that  you can do that will keep your energy up all night long.

  • Take a dance break every thirty minutes. Take five minutes and get your heart rate up. It will give you a boost twice an hour that will keep you awake alll night long.
  • Pump the bass. Keep the volume up and the beats hip hopping. Make sure you don’t put on the smooth jazz no matter how tempting a relaxing moment might sound.
  • Set a timer. If you’re worried that you’ll fall asleep, set a couple of alarms to go off, just in case.

Whatever you do… Don’t eat a bunch of food. Eating your face off might seem like the right thing to do in this situation. Food gives you energy, energy keeps you awake, right? Wrong. Don’t starve yourself, but don’t stuff yourself either or you’ll be out like a light in no time flat.

So are you ready to tackle the night and get everything done that you need to get done? Are you ready to ditch all of that and go make out with 396 some more? Whatever you decide to do with your late night, good luck!

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